Biological pharmacology
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◆ research and development of new central nervous system drugs

PharmaResources Pharmaceutical Biology / pharmacology department can provide a variety of new drug development services related to central nervous system diseases. Department managers have many years of experience in new drug R & D and project management in large pharmaceutical enterprises, and department physicians have rich experience in new drug R & D in related fields, with advanced equipment, facilities and working environment as hardware support. The research and development of new drugs in the central nervous system covers multiple targets. Specific services include:

▶   In vitro test

■ in vitro enzyme and receptor activity detection

■ selective detection of enzymes and receptors in vitro

■ in vitro cell activity test

Detection technology includes radionuclide detection, fluorescence detection and chemiluminescence detection.

■ in vitro electrophysiological platform to detect ion channel function

▶   Establishment and test of central nervous system disease model

■ cognitive function test

■ animal model of schizophrenia

■ animal models of anxiety and depression

■ animal model of Parkinson's disease

■ Alzheimer's animal model