General ADME screening platform
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Evaluation of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) in vitro

▶  Study on drug permeability and transport in vitro

■ Caco-2 or mdckii-mdr1 monolayer cell model was used to study the drug permeability

■ Caco-2, mdckii-mdr1 cells and specific inhibitors were used to study the transporter substrates and inhibitors

▶  Study on metabolic stability

Study on the stability of drugs in liver microsomes (human, mouse, dog, monkey, etc.), S9, cytoplasm or hepatocytes

Study on the stability of drugs in plasma, serum or whole blood

▶  Identification of metabolites and analysis of metabolic pathways in vitro

▶  Evaluation of drug solubility and chemical stability

▶  Research and evaluation of pre formulation

Pharmacokinetic evaluation of animals in vivo

▶  Bioavailability of various animal species (IV, PO)

Rats, mice, dogs and monkeys, etc

▶  Kinetic evaluation of different routes of administration

■ intravenous, oral, intraperitoneal, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection, etc

▶  Tissue distribution and drug concentration measurement of various biological samples

■ plasma, whole blood, urine, feces, bile and tissues of the whole body, etc

▶  Analysis of drug excretion pathway and identification of metabolites in BDC rats