API manufacturing platforms

API manufacturing platforms

Engineering scale-up technology

Drug development usually scales up tens to thousands or even tens of thousands of times from laboratory processes to large-scale commercial production, and changes in the process may result in product disqualification, significantly prolonged production cycles, reduced product yields and even safety incidents. To reduce or avoid the issues above, PharmaResources has built an engineering scale-up technology platform.

Engineering scale-up technology development includes:

  • Reaction thermodynamics and kinetics research
  • Continuous reaction
  • Closed production design
  • Low temperature filtration and drying
  • Software simulation
  • Reaction heat analysis and process safety
PharmaResources has successfully developed a number of multi-chiral drugs with complex chemical structures, reducing the production of drug counterpart isomers or epimers during the reaction, while improving the reaction yield, thus achieving the purpose of cost reduction and environmental protection.
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