API Manufacturing Platforms

API Manufacturing Platforms

Green chemistry and clean process technology

Adhering to the concept of “green chemistry and clean production” at the stage of pharmaceutical process design and engineering design, the company has developed core technologies of green chemistry and clean processes such as asymmetric synthesis and integrated material utilization based on years of experience in process development and commercial production.

Asymmetric synthesis techniques:

  • Chiral substrate auto-induction
  • Chiral resolution
  • Asymmetric catalytic reaction
  • Enzyme chemistry
PharmaResources has successfully developed a number of multi-chiral drugs with complex chemical structures, reducing the production of drug counterpart isomers or epimers during the reaction, while improving the reaction yield, thus achieving the purpose of cost reduction and environmental protection.

Integrated material utilization techniques

(Adhering to the concept of clean process production and following the 5Rs of green chemistry):
  • Reduction
  • Reuse
  • Recycling
  • Regeneration
  • Rejection
The company enhances the comprehensive utilization rate of materials, reduces the emission of three wastes, and controls the cost by technical means such as screening and optimization of reaction solvents, absorption and recycling of gas, resourcization of by-products, and recycling of materials.
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